The Wilton Jewish Center—Nefesh Yehudi brings Jews of Wilton and its surrounding communities together. The work of the WJC is to promote individual and communal Jewish experience, while serving as a spiritual resource to the entire community.

The Hebrew words Nefesh Yehudi may sound familiar, for they are taken from Hatikvah—Israel’s national anthem—and mean “Jewish soul.”

The teachings of the WJC are based on the “four worlds” model of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being; we experience Jewish tradition through creative and relevant cultural observances, educational opportunities and mindful spiritual practice.

Participants in WJC events include Jews and non-Jews, affiliated and not, who come together for personal growth, family and community-building, and tikkun olam – repairing the world.


Offerings of The Wilton Jewish Center–Nefesh Yehudi include:

  • Rosh Chodesh – monthly new moon celebrations
  • Spiritual healing services and meditation workshops
  • Musical services and performances
    To learn about "Shi'ur b'Shir, A Lesson in Song" click here.
  • Adult and teen education: Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation, prayer and Hebrew instruction, Torah and Talmud study, and individualized learning programs
  • Home-based lifecycle events: baby namings to memorial services, Shabbat and holiday observances, mezuzah/home dedication ceremonies, personal rituals.
  • Spiritual support

Spiritual Leader

Batya Diamond is the founder and spiritual leader of the Wilton Jewish Center—Nefesh Yehudi. A Wilton resident since 1990, Batya has been actively involved in the local community.

Batya has served as a Chaplaincy intern in the Spiritual Care department at Norwalk Hospital and as the Assistant (Student) Rabbi at Temple Shalom in Norwalk. She leads worship and healing services (Jewish and interfaith), including private Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies. Since 1997 Batya has been facilitating monthly women’s Rosh Chodesh (new moon) celebrations. In addition to being a Jewish educator, Batya serves on the board of the Wilton Education Foundation. She is also a singer/songwriter who performs original spiritual music in Hebrew and English. Batya’s name or voice may be familiar to Fairfield County residents who have heard her on “WEBE 108-FM”, where she has worked on the air since 1996.

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The Wilton Jewish Center – Nefesh Yehudi is a 501(c)(3) not-for profit corporation.

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